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You are the Church

Economic justice and equality are, in principle, akin to political justice and equality. To understand this is to understand how economic and political democracy involves parallel institutions.” ~ Mortimer J. Adler

This is our destiny, to do the best and the greatest that is now to be done.” ~Isaac Hecker

And with these two thoughts/quotes in mind remember No matter what your denomination may be, “You are the church!” You are a prophet, servant, and visionary by your life, work, and beliefs, we are all on a path in search of meeting the living Significant Other we call God.

What all institutions of religion need is a model for bringing lay leadership with all aspects of innovation~education~collaboration. It is through education we come to realize the equality of all people with clergy and the priestly class that many religions have even today. To do this there must be a a new emphasis that all people becoming highly educated in the history of religion, the philosophy of religion, documents of the religion and other religions of the world throughout history. Now I am not suggesting all people become PhD scholars in the academic sense but build the model we have for basic religious education that most of our elementary students experience and extend it into adulthood.

Religion as an organization lacks structure to fit our society today. If we look around we see in most religious organizations a highly centralized, autocratic and paternalistic structure and the mode of communication is grounded in an era of absolutism.

“The greatest institutions of America have not been its banks. The greatest buildings in America have not been its skyscrapers. The greatest institutions and the greatest buildings of America have been its homes, scattered across our beautiful countryside or clustering by the thousands upon the arches of our crowed municipalities.” ~ Louis J Putz CSC

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