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You Are Church

Two creative movements in the Catholic Church became instrumental in leading up to Vatican II. The New Theology Movement of France and the Catholic Action Movement. A driving force in both movements in the United States was Louis J Putz CSC. As a student, Louis was inspired by Teilhard, Congar, de Lubac, Jean Danielou, Cardinal Suhard as his professors in theology in Paris. 

The Catholic Action Movement, The Catholic Youth Movement, and the Christian Family Movement, in the United States were all outgrowths of the movements in Europe, were instruments of change in the 50s and early 60s in the US. Bringing awareness to the laity that they are the church. 

Think about the collaboration between those professors in Paris and at the time Msgr. Cardijn and others during this period. If not for these people, the theology of work in Mater et Magistra may not have come about.

The famous formula of “observe, judge, act” was born in these movements. It all leads us to decide to engage in action.

As we look to the upcoming work in the synods soon, realize the heart and soul of what was started in Vatican II shares the DNA of those earlier movements; it is about Action & Contemplation.

in the words of Louis to all laity, “You Are Church” should and must be the driving force of the work of the synod.

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