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See-Judge-Act: what is Techno-Theology?

In this era of rapid technological advancement, we are witnessing a transformative shift in society and culture. Just as the Agricultural and Industrial revolutions reshaped the world, technology alters how we think about and practice religion.

Look at Jesus's parables. We see the cause/effect of the agricultural revolution on the people of the 1st century under Roman rule. We see roads being constructed and weapons being produced.

The rise of the Industrial Revolution started around 1760 CE and lasted until roughly 2010 CE. It is during this revolution that you and I met Joseph Cardijn. For all practical reasons, Joseph Cardijn was a Techno-theologian. Here, we discovered how to use the See-Judge-Act method to understand better how humanity and technology weave a society of social justice and prosperity for all.

At the heart of techno-theology lies a series of profound questions. How is our rapidly advancing technology shaping our understanding of spirituality, humanity, and even the divine? 

Techno-theologians grapple with these questions, inviting us to delve deeper into the implications of technological progress.

Here are some areas a techno-theologian might explore:

  • The impact of technology on religious practice: How are religious communities using technology to connect with followers and spread their message? How is technology changing the way people experience faith? Does technology drive people away from the Divine and their faith?

  • Artificial intelligence and the nature of consciousness: Could AI ever achieve a kind of sentience that challenges our traditional ideas of the soul?

  • Transhumanism and the future of humanity: What are the ethical implications of technologies that could allow us to extend our lifespan or modify our bodies?

Techno-theology is becoming increasingly important as technology continues to reshape our world.

As students and disciples of the Cardijn method of See-Judge-Act, consider how you are using the method in this age of rapidly emerging technology.

Are you a techno-theologian

Techno-theologians explore the intersection of technology and theology, often examining how technological advancements influence religious beliefs, practices, and understandings of spirituality. They might investigate the ethical implications of emerging technologies, how technology shapes religious experiences, or how religious traditions respond to technological change. Techno-theologians often engage in interdisciplinary study, drawing on theology, philosophy, sociology, and various fields of science and technology to explore these topics.

Yes, Joseph Cardinal Cardijn was a techno-theologian of his era, and we must follow in his footsteps in our era.

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