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When I reflect on the Universal Christ, and re-read the book by Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance...and reflect upon what Richard Rohr has written about order-disorder-reorder in his other writings and then go back and re-read what philosophers throughout the ages have written about order-disorder-reorder, one can see how these three dimensions are not only important in our lives, but in our work, and our work a day world, which includes social justice and politics.

I started studying religion as an undergraduate along with philosophy and history because I was interested in politics(late 60s early 70s a time when politics was your life) and they seemed so intertwined. I continued studying in grad school and the more I studied the more I came to see that to be true. The more I worked in high tech for almost my entire career, the more I saw politics and religion as a paradox of collaboration.

Reorder becomes our conscious politics & religion. When we work at order-disorder-reorder in our world around us and in us and with us, we have the opportunity not to deal with disruption. Think in terms of life cycles, which are patterns, and how the three dimensions of order-disorder-reorder interact with those patterns.

We begin to see the paradox of collaboration between creation, spirituality, the search for the significant other in the universe, social justice, politics, what we do for a living, and the expression of how we live our lives out is what we call “religion“, which is all about renewal of self or should be to some extent.

In the words of Richard Rohr:

“Resurrection and renewal are, in fact, the universal and observable patterns of everything. We might just as well use non-religious terms like springtime, regeneration, healing, forgiveness, life cycles, darkness, and light. If incarnation is real, then resurrection in multitudinous forms is to be fully expected. Or to paraphrase a statement attributed to Albert Einstein, it is not that one thing is a miracle, but that the whole thing is a miracle!”

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