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Jesus Never Asked for a Co-Pay

In the gospels, we SEE Jesus healing, curing, and comforting humanity in many dire situations. Never once did Jesus ask for a co-pay.

There are a few ways to look at Jesus's healing miracles in the Bible: Jesus sees, discerns, and judges the situation as needing what the people experience as a miracle, and He acts. And never does Jesus ask for a co-pay.

  • Unconditional Healing: Some passages depict Jesus healing without asking questions about the person's faith or background. Matthew 8:16, for example, says, "He healed everyone who was sick."

  • Emphasis on Faith: In other instances, Jesus connects healing with the person's faith. In Mark 5:34, he tells the woman with a hemorrhage, "Your faith has made you well; go in peace."

  • Focus on the Bigger Message: The Gospels may not always detail Jesus's interactions before healing, but instead focus on the miracle itself and its significance in the love Jesus demonstrates for humanity.

  • Jesus's compassion: The Gospels portray Jesus as deeply moved by people's suffering, which may have motivated him to heal regardless of their background or beliefs.

  • The call to faith: Even when Jesus doesn't explicitly ask about faith, the healing could inspire belief in those who witnessed it.

Ultimately, Jesus's healing ministry message is one of hope, compassion, and God's power to restore wholeness. This is what we are called to do in our world today: heal and never ask for a co-pay.

Here is a short nine-minute homily, and it is worth the listen.

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