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Is it time to rethink climate change?

Is it’s time for a little reality check (please see article below). Maybe the time has passed for us to be constantly studying what steps we need to take to try to overcome climate change?

Maybe it is time to begin to prepare generations to come for the likely reality that our Earth is now beginning to face – the very real prospect of a new form of change, an evolution that some will call extinction of future life as we know it today? We know ‘extinction‘ or an ‘evolution‘ of beings and time of whatever species were on the earth has occurred five times in the 4.5 billion year history  as an example, when the Roman Empire fell in the 5th century, Western Europe went into a several-centuries of what we call the  “dark age” pretty much a return to the Iron Age. 

We need to begin to think in terms of education, collaboration and especially innovation for the future generations of the only place we call home the pale little blue dot as Carl Sagan so described it.  

If we don’t try to stop, innovate, and educate the deluge from drowning our neighbors, are we doing what we are called to do by our faith, our humanity, our hopes, desires, and love for our sisters and brothers in need?

Think #restorativejustice Think ‘another way to see justice‘ from the perspective of our understanding of the Universal Christ.

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