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History has taught us …

History has taught us that “religion” is not divorced from the work-a-day world. Matthew 5 is a good example. Social Justice programs in churches during the entire industrial revolution (which just recently ended) brought about a greater awareness of church and society’s role and the relationship between the two.

Today In classical economics terms, there are three ways societies create wealth: You mine it, You grow it, You manufacture it. Have you thought about the question Why are Eighty percent of the U.S. workforce, 104 million people all-told, now working in services? How will we address Zero Economic Value in society? What role will ‘religion’ and ‘church’ have in addressing the issues that are about to unfold? Economists are talking about millions of people rendered ZEV’s — Zero Economic Value citizens, who will never find work, no matter their skills. 

In the first two hundred years following the death of Jesus, the early followers of Jesus came together for meals (actually lots of meals) for sharing, for protection against violence of the state and society against them, learning and liturgy. It was in its own way the formation of community.

Reflect on ways we as ‘church’ as autonomous followers of the teachings of the person called Jesus of Nazareth will find ways of a meaningful life in another way from what we have been accustomed to for the last 300 years?

Make no mistake: the Autonomous Revolution is here — and all of the rules are about to change.

If you remember the movie “OH GOD” 1977 original version, there is a line that goes like this:

“Jerry Landers: You don’t control our lives?

God: I gave you a world and everything in it. It’s all up to you.”

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