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Conscious Technology

Conscious technology is the foundation for the ongoing development of the Fifth Industrial Revolution. Conscious technology builds on the foundations of the past four industrial revolutions, integrated with the internet and exchanges, gives birth to entrepreneurship, collaboration, education, and innovation.

Conscious technology can only spring forth and give meaning to our lives when we apply the principles and foundations of conscious technology in a world of cyber. Four pillars create the foundation for conscious technology:

1. Purpose & Meaning 2. Innovation & Leadership 3. Culture & Education 4. Collaboration & Partners

While businesses need to make money and infrastructure need to save money, the growth, vitality, and sustainability of technology need to focus on the purpose of the organization beyond profit. When we focus on the purpose beyond just profits, we naturally engage our stakeholders, employees, partners, customers, and together we collaborate, and that in itself creates an environment with an inspiring purpose.

Innovation comes about when we exercise and practice the art of the “WE.” Leaders inspire and from inspiration springs forth innovation. When leaders inspire change, the “WE” fosters transformation. This becomes the integral role of culture & education.

Conscious technology is all about a culture of trust and care, and through training, we develop people who understand that their part is to serve the greater good of the organization. With partners, the entire organization becomes a unifying force that brings the business to life enabled with technology. With partners and the collaboration of the organization as a whole, the result is a healthy return to the shareholders.

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