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Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”  

Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”

The Art of Humane Technology: Dose understanding History/Culture/Politics teach us about patterns, social change, and the meaning of life in the age of autonomous technologies?

Will autonomous technologies bring us one step closer to a Re-Enchanting Society? How does technology change our lives on the one hand but change our experience of who we are as humans?

Can experiencing what Aristotle called “Eudaimonia” become a seamless garment in our lives amid an autonomous revolution?

Will philosophy and technology bring about a greater appreciation and perspective on Eudaimonia~The greater good? 

Why is it more critical now to better understand what an understanding of the “greater good” teaches us about the world of technology we live in and the meaning of life? 

Through the experience of societal phase change, we come to understand The difference in being human and the difference it makes.

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