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All Keynotes, Book Clubs, and Discussion Groups will address your particular needs and situations. With over forty years in the business of technology, philosophy, and education, Richard's life experience brings insights and know-how to the table: Where integral philosophy, technology, autonomous evolution, and life intersectAll keynotes are a reflection from the perspective of a life lived as a technology zealot, industry strategist, and public philosopher.


Richard's trademark storytelling, insights & experiences, combined with humor, are sure to deliver the engaging presentation you seek, while his depth ensures the impact of meaningful and life-changing insights to bring about the greater good in life, and business.  


Storytelling is one of the most potent forms of communication, and Richard is a killer storyteller. He tells stories of life and inspiration all grounded in a work-a-day world.


Richard frames his keynotes within the context of a "fireside chat".  The conversation revolves around an understanding of the greater good, what philosophers have called "Eudaimonia". We come to an understanding of how the Autonomous Revolution/Technologies become the most significant enabler for our time, and what it means for the greater good of society and our life, if we as humans come to understand the yin and the yang of the "Seamless Garment".


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"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."  ~ Aristotle




Speaking, writing, blogging, podcasting, and teaching are a Labor of Love for Richard.


Richard is available for single-session talks, all-day or weekend workshops, business & organizational retreats, coaching, and keynote presentations. Richard will craft a presentation to meet your specific needs.

Keynotes & Workshops: Live & Zoom


No Human Required? The Changing World Order: A look at the Autonomous Revolution, Machines, and Life Lived;  Why 'Silicon Valley' needs Philosophers & Historians

Do we understand the brutally Darwinian nature of technological evolution? The key is understanding change and that involves innovation, education, and collaboration, the art of See-Judge-Act.


Lived Philosophy in a world of evolving technology begs the question: How do We Define Ourselves and Our Lives, through understanding the 'greater good' but how do we come to know the greater good?.


How do we are human beings understand how autonomous technologies will bring us one step closer to a 'Re-Enchanting Society'?  How does technology change our lives on the one hand, but change our experience of who we are as humans? Understanding the "cause-effect" tools have on our lives. Can experiencing what Aristotle called "Eudaimonia" become a seamless garment in our lives? What does the "greater good" teach us about the world of technology we live in and the meaning of life? The difference in being human and the difference it makes is seen and experienced in our lives, the decisions we make, and how we innovate, educate, and collaborate.

Why All Things Cyberspace? The search for know-how in the age of autonomous technology

The notional environment in which communication over the internet networks occurs. Technology, Art, Ontology, hermeneutics, history, theology, philosophy, and the modern world come together in collaboration with the greater good of all human beings. The art of digital humanities, Cyberspace + Autonomous Technology = societal change, where do we start to better understand the autonomous revolution that is embarking on the world today?


Why Study Religions? The search for "The Significant Other" and US!

Religions throughout history help us learn by being able to see more, experience more and collaborate together on the discovery we as humans have accomplished in our search for the Significant Other. Religion symbolically and tangibly connects the past, present, and future into a view we can understand from our perspective today.  Religions are the key to the reflective and reflexive analysis of modern evolving humanities to guide us in our thinking about the greater good.  In one way or another, all the humanities are religion: In the age of the Autonomous Revolution, the expanding use of Digital Humanities should assist us in a greater understanding of who we are as humans.


“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” ~ Socrates

Continuing Educational Seminars: e-Reading & e-Discussion Study Groups & Workshops


We start with great books—which leads us to great discussions—this is the heart of learning. Our continuing education seminars and discussion groups foster intellectual curiosity in our own education, from conversations around the "Zoom Table" our hope is what you learn you share with others in your community and organization.  We start where all learning begins: With Curiosity and Puzzlement, maybe a little Bewilderment. Together we address the "warm fuzzies and the cold pricklies" trying to answer the question: "Why Bother? Does it make a difference?" So, as adults, is it worth your time, effort, and commitment to "KNOW" why you bother? One thing is for sure, over the past forty years, I’ve learned the importance of "reductio ad absurdum."  

When we practice and cultivate WISDOM we are working towards the highest standard of a life well-lived, in all contexts of our lives, family, social, and business we call that Eudaimonia.


In our discussion groups we hope to inspire everyone to see the inner workings of some of history’s most brilliant philosophers, scientists, artists, writers, musicians, and more, we strive to think deeply, innovate, discuss intensely, educate, and live boldly through collaboration.

Eudaimonia transforms cultural and social institutions over time, having a profound impact on society. The Art of Social Phase Change is brought on by the technology of the period. Understanding History/Culture/Politics teach us about patterns, social change, and the meaning of life in the age of autonomous technologies.


Reading, Book Clubs & Discussion Study Group & Workshop topics:

  • Technology and Culture:  What is Humane Technology? Why does it Matter?  What does history teach us?

  • Cybersecurity and the future of the Autonomous Technologies

  • The Difference OF Humans and the Difference IT makes

  • Marketing, Technology, and the Customer Experience a historical perspective that could change the future way we market

  • Ecology, Laudato Si, and social justice

  • Mystics and Spirituality: A look at the path of "You are the Church"

  • A look at World Religions and meeting the Significant Other

  • Why do humans search for meaning in life?

  • Do we in the twenty-first century understand the Documents of Vatican II? What is the history behind the movement?



Authors, we have found to be stimulating and purposeful for lively discussion:

  • The Great Books Series

  • Mortimer Adler

  • David Bentley Hart

  • Adrian Slywotzky

  • William Davidow

  • Joseph Badaracco 

  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • Walter Isaacson

  • Sean McDonagh

  • Diarmuid O'Murchu

  • Geoffrey Moore

  • Tom Morris

  • Richard Rohr

  • Karl Rahner

  • Teilhard De Chardin

  • Thomas Merton

  • Thomas Keating

  • Ilia Delio

  • Robin R. Meyers

  • Richard A Clarke

  • Viktor Frankl

  • C.S. Lewis

  • Tom Peters

  • Jim Wallis

  • William J O'Malley SJ

  • Martin Hägglund

  • Eli Goldratt

  • James Martin, SJ

  • Brian D. McLaren

  • Don Tapscott

  • John Shelby Spong

  • Brandon Bernard Scott

  • Marcus Borg

  • Cyprian Davis

  • Dominic Crossan

  • Greek and Eastern Philosophers

  • New and exciting authors are added throughout the year


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”  

                                                                                                                               ~ Aristotle, Metaphysics



Most excellent workshop for our people.  Richard was our keynote and kick-off leader for a major new business initiative that involved all aspects of the company, globally.  It was the inspiration and leadership we needed to move forward.  We used him over and over again for coaching and consulting.”

                            - Nancy D. Reyda

       VP, Brand Development: Chevron

"Mr. Putz's lecture was very enlightening....see the trend of innovation to collaborative education."


                                                                                           - Hiroshi Nimura 

                                            Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

                                                                Mitsubishi International Corporation