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All Keynotes, Workshops, and Assessments will address your particular needs and situations. With over forty years in the business of technology, philosophy, and education, Richard's life experience brings insights and know-how to the table: Where conscious philosophy, technology, the autonomous revolution, and life intersect.


Richard's trademark storytelling, insights & experiences, combined with humor, are sure to deliver the engaging presentation you seek, while his depth ensures the impact of meaningful and life-changing insights to bring about the greater good in life, and business.  


In every presentation, together, we will come to an understanding of the importance of Order-Disorder-Reorder. Three processes all human beings must encounter to achieve the greater good, (eudaimonia) whether in business, personal lives, or organizational structures. Each of the keynote presentations addresses the three processes.  In all keynotes, we come to understand how the three processes bring us to a better understanding of Eudaimonia, which is our "human flourishing or prosperity" and "blessedness" in life.  The best way to think of Eudaimonia is to think of what will it take to bring about happiness or think of a state of, "human flourishing or prosperity" and "blessedness".  These states of being often lacking an object, it is more like a 'verb'.  So, the purpose we humans all have in common is to achieve Eudaimonia which is a state of serene and permanent happiness, in the workplace, home, community, and our personal lives.  In this way, our actions, decisions, choices, strategies, and plans will be focusing on this ultimate goal, a state of flourishing in the greater good.

The Autonomous Revolution is bringing about a greater awareness of the meaning of Eudaimonia.  The question will be "How well will we adapt? and at what pace?


Storytelling is one of the most potent forms of communication, and Richard is a killer storyteller. He tells stories of life and inspiration all grounded in work a day world.


Richard frames his keynotes within the context of a "fire-side' chat between Philosophers, the Great Books, Technology, and You, the audience.  The conversation revolves around an understanding of the greater good, what philosophers have called "Eudaimonia". We will take a close look to come to an understanding of how the Autonomous Revolution becomes the most significant enabler for our time, and life in the twenty-first century and what that means for the greater good if we as humans come to understand the yin and the yang of the Autonomous Revolution.


"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."  ~ Aristotle




Richard is available for single-session talks, all-day or weekend workshops, business & organizational retreats, coaching, and keynote presentations. Richard will craft a presentation to meet your specific needs.


1. The Difference OF Humanity and the Difference IT makes:  Where Humanity and Technology become a seamless garment.


~What does it mean to be human in an era of autonomous technology?

~Will technology change our meaning of being a human being?  

~How should we think about the autonomous technologies that are emerging today?

~What is the relationship between the autonomous technologies, our free will, privacy,

  cybersecurity, and the nature of work?

~How does a seamless garment of humanity and technology represent the greater good?


This keynote is a reflection from the perspective of a life long technology zealot and industry strategist.

2. Eudaimonia is at the heart of Conflict resolution in 'Being and Technology'  and is only experienced in the journey through 'Order~Disorder~Reorder'."  So why is it important to experience Order ~ Disorder ~ Reorder?.


3.  Eudaimonia as another way to see Restorative Justice!  Understanding the greater good allows us to hear, become, and plan for the greater good in a world striving for social justice, ecology and understanding our purpose as human beings. Our search for what it means to be "ME" and to join in the 'general dance" as Thomas Merton described.  We strive as a community for the greater good.


“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” ~ Socrates


Workshops & Assessments:


Eudaimonia:  The Essence of what you do and why you do it: One World One Vision Philosophy from Technology: Reshaping our thinking of technology in know, doing, and being.    (Our Most Popular workshop.)



The point of BEING is to grow: In our personal life, it is to maintain our relationships, expand our vision and live life for the greater good.  In organizations, it is to retain customers, expand markets, and improve the efficiency of the overall operations.  However, the full promise of your mission is much deeper and broader.  So what is the purpose?  Why do you do what you do?  This workshop will explore the much bigger story. Your self, and your organization employing philosophical guidance, principles, and practices that will expand all aspect growth, and we will examine what would it take to add significant new strands to accomplish the growth. We will assess your strategy and goals at the deepest level. Ask: 'What would help you and your organization flourish in connection with your goals and objectives?' Where does technology intersect with the mission?  We will come to an understanding of where the world of technology, marketing, and sales are failing to maximize the potential of its promise made.  We will examine your suggestions for new products, services, brands, and communication strategies to align the organization more closely with its eudaimonic promise." We will employ the Socratic method and Aristotelian principles to show how you can gain a deeper and more loyal engagement with self, friends, and customers.  We will examine how to reconcile idealism and realism in your life and in marketing, technology, sales, and what it means to the bottom line.


This workshop will employ three phases:  

1.  Order

2.  Disorder

3.  Reorder


We will examine how you construct order, establishment containment, and value engineering.  Next, we will address why the disorder is critical, and what the process of deconstruction looks like for self and for organizations.  The discovery of new education and re-thinking. And finally, we will take a deep dive into re-order.  How to perform re-construction, and come to an understanding that darkness and light coexist.


The emphasis in all the phases will focus on how to sustain the solution.  (We will create and use "Hassle Maps"  for all steps in the exercises as part of the process of understanding the Order-Disorder-Reorder: the On-Going Process of Transformation.)


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle



We approach an assessment as an "educational assessment"  which is the systematic understanding of the process your organization's uses in documenting and using empirical data on the knowledge, skill, attitudes, and beliefs to refine your programs and improve your road to achieving eudaimonia.



e-Reading & e-Discussion Groups:  


Reading & Discussion Group formats are online, and we use Zoom, participants do not have to sign up for Zoom accounts if they do not wish.  The format is open, and the topics and authors are chosen by the group usually based on common interest and those we find interesting, speaking to what is challenging to all of us, and in the discussion, we try to become people moving towards the greater good.  Time formats are flexible, and yes, we have had bookclubs & discussions in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.


We start where all learning begins: With Curiosity and Puzzlement, maybe a little Bewilderment. Together we address the "warm fuzzies and the cold pricklies" trying to answer the question: "Why Bother? Does it make a difference?" So, as adults, is it worth your time, effort, and commitment to "KNOW" why you bother? One thing for sure, over the past forty years, I’ve learned the importance of "reductio ad absurdum."


Reading & Discussion Group topics, This is a sample, we have found to be stimulating and purposeful:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Risk Management and Analysis

  • Marketing, Technology and the Customer Experience

  • Technology and the Industrial Revolution

  • Ecology, Laudato Si,

  • Mystics and Spirituality

  • Religions of the World

  • Why humans search for meaning in life?



Authors, we have found to be stimulating and purposeful:

  • Geoffrey Moore

  • Adrian Slywotzky

  • William Davidow

  • Richard Rohr

  • Thomas Merton

  • Thomas Keating

  • Tom Morris

  • Richard A Clarke

  • Viktor Frankl

  • C.S. Lewis

  • Tom Peters

  • Joseph Badaracco 

  • Eli Goldratt

  • Mortimer Adler

  • The Great Books Series

  • Don Tapscott

  • Michael Novak

  • Walter Isaacson

  • Brandon Bernard Scott

  • Dominic Crossan

  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • Greek and Eastern Philosophers

  • New and exciting authors are added throughout the year



"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”  

                                                                                                                               ~ Aristotle, Metaphysics



Most excellent workshop for our people.  Richard was our keynote and kick-off leader for a major new business initiative that involved all aspects of the company, globally.  It was the inspiration and leadership we needed to move forward.  We used him over and over again for coaching and consulting.”

                            - Nancy D. Reyda

       VP, Brand Development: Chevron

"Mr. Putz's lecture was very enlightening....see the trend of innovation to collaborative education."


                                                                                           - Hiroshi Nimura 

                                            Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

                                                                Mitsubishi International Corporation

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