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Richard C. Pütz

Travel from Chicago.



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Professional info​

I am a strategist, technologist, AI ethicist, and PUBLIC philosopher because I am a cultural and theological historian, first and foremost. I have spent a career in emerging technology and understand the cultural and societal phase change that occurs when technology is a disruptor.

During my career, I have been named an internationally recognized thought leader in technology collaboration, digital strategy, data science, humanities, and social phase change. I am a writer (mostly blogging these days), keynote speaker, technology influencer, and catalyst for change, change for the greater good. I have worked with and for some of the most fantastic technology companies on this planet, many during their growth and early development stages. I have traveled the globe educating, speaking, and consulting with energetic and forward-looking companies and organizations.

I have come to understand the cause/effect of technology on society. The Autonomous Revolution, which has just begun, is the "Intersection where the Humans meet the Ultimate Technology: The challenge of what it means to be human."  Of particular interest is, "What is our role of being human as it relates to the purpose of work, data, management, and marketing.? Why do we do what we do? How do we achieve an integrated view, and how best to prepare for the change?" At some point, we all face the question: What is the Difference between being Human and the Difference IT makes? The time has come for a philosophy/theology of technology for the modern world.

In my keynotes, discussion/reading groups, and workshops, I bring out the necessary learning experience and how we come to understand what is under the surface of the issues we are facing and how to innovate with people, technologies, and processes and educate each other, to collaborate and transform the current environment. A key factor is always understanding the patterns of societal change and the Difference the change makes for us as human beings.

I always try to provide expertise, combined with years of experience and insightful guidance, to help better organizations, discern how the technology of the Autonomous Revolution intersects with and embraces the work of their organizations, and achieve Eudaimonia through implementing the methodology of "See~Judge~Act"  and I am an avid disciple of the Cardijn Movements and methods. 

During my career, I have presented over five hundred keynotes and workshops for the Global 2000 and various industry associations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia during his professional career. 

I try to bring my years of experience to my lively and interactive Keynotes, Workshops, and Discussion programs. I will define the real issues, challenges, and opportunities for people to understand better technology and its role amid the life of struggles in a world of change. 


Innovation/Education,/Collaboration are the keys to systematically changing our world, our organizations, and our lives to live in pursuit of knowing the greater good for customers, employees, shareholders, and partners. 

I was privileged to study with Dr. Eli Goldratt, creator of the "Theory of Constraints," best known for the book "The Goal," with over seven million copies sold in thirty-two languages. I have worked closely with Eli to develop cutting-edge methods based on the philosophy of the Goal for banks, insurance companies, and investment banks. Working with Dr. Goldratt helped shape and influence my thinking and understanding of the nature of organizations, data management, and constraints. I am designated a "Jonah's Jonah." and TOC Expert. I bring that know-how to understand the role of Artificial Intelligence and the meaning of life.


My academic roots are in cultural history and philosophy/ethics, beginning during my college days at St. Meinrad College as a history and philosophy major. My graduate studies at St. Meinrad School of Theology/Indiana University and GTU focused on Historical Theology, Ethics, and Comparative Cultures/Religions, focusing on developing ethics. The graduate program at Saint Meinrad immersed me in history. Luke Timothy Johnson was spot on when he wrote...

"...history, not scholasticism, was to hold the learning of theology together. Thus,  history was required every semester of the four years. of graduate school. History, moreover, was to be based as much as possible on the study of primary more than secondary sources."~ Luke Timothy Johnson, Robert W. Woodruff Professor Emeritus of New Testament and Christian Origins, Emory University


My continuing education is in Digital Humanities, Philosophy/Theology, and Autonomous Technologies at Harvard University, MIT Professional Education, Santa Clara University’s Markkul Center for Applied Ethics, and at the University of Notre Dame, GTU, and Oxford University for ongoing education, all focusing on Emerging Technology and Ethics. My past and present education have laid the foundation for my career in teaching and technology.

Today, besides speaking, writing, podcasting, blogging, and workshops, I teach classes each semester at the Forever Learning Institute. in South Bend, IN; this is a labor of love for me.


Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim, and end of human existence.”  ― Aristotle


  • Chief Information Security Officer, VP & data scientist/AI development for American National Insurance, a multi-line public company, where Richard's focus was building a culture of collaboration through innovation and education with emerging technology.

  • EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, C-bridge, Inc., a public company where Richard conducted keynotes, workshops, and presentations worldwide, and Director of C-bridge Institute, the educational arm of C-bridge Inc. C-Bridge, based in Cambridge, MA, was the leading provider of e-services for business-to-business eCommerce. The Company assisted Global 1000 customers in integrating emerging technology, including AI machine learning, with eCommerce solutions with existing systems and business processes to increase market share, productivity gains, and more precise data. C-Bridge delivered a suite of services across strategy, design, implementation, and training/education.

  • RVP, Director of Industry Strategy & Marketing Keynote Speaker. Emerging Technology Solutions, Oracle, a public company, delivering presentations, workshops, and strategy sessions for global companies entering the second/third industrial revolution and the emergence of artificial intelligence. 

  • National Director for Technology Advisory Services focused on strategy, processes, marketing, and policies in emerging technologies and artificial intelligence.  Coopers & Lybrand (PwC)

  • University Lecturer on Root Cause Analysis, AI/Big Data, Comparative Religions, and Philosophy. 

  • Member of The American Historical Association

  • International Bonhoeffer Society - English Language Section

  • Member of The Society for the History of Technology

  • Member of the International Thomas Merton Society

  • Member of the International Cardijn Institute

  • Member of The American Philosophical Association

  • Member of Weststar Institute

  • Member American Academy of Religion

  • Member of The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

  • Member of The American Teilhard Association

  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 

  • Former Chairperson and current board of directors member for the "Center for Parish Development." Ecumenical missional teaching, consulting, and research agency based in Chicago and founded in 1968 by an ecumenical coalition of denominational mission boards, theological education institutions, and regional churches.

  • Advocate and supporter of The Center for Action and Contemplation

  • Advocate and supporter of The Center for Christogenesis

  • Retired professional member of the National Speakers Association

  • Theory of Constraints Expert and  Jonah's Jonah Designation


"Ultimately, there can be no disagreement between history, science, philosophy, and theology. Where there is disagreement, there is either ignorance or error." ~ Mortimer J. Adler


"Richard's energy and good common sense are super. The program was concise, excellent, highly organized. I appreciate his tremendous content!           


- Michael Bourne

Managing Director: Reabourne Limited London)

Philosophy is everybody's business

~ Mortimer J Adler 

Richard's Lived Experience
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